Bondi Cigars – Bad Weather Blues (1992)

marzo 2, 2008 at 4:21 pm (Bondi Cigars)

Y un aporte de David. Gracias David

Formed in 1989 the band has well and truly played itself into Australia’s musical heart. After nearly a dozen years, a half a dozen albums and exhaustive touring schedules the band continues to attract new audiences for their music.

Most of the album tracks are Pacey/Karski compositions, rather than tired old covers that most blues acts seem to rely on. Les Karski’s guitar work confirms his status as one of this country’s very best – smoky on the slow numbers and full of fire on the rockers. The opening track Booze Blues, a driving rocker, sets the tone for the album; but the Cigars also show they’re adept at bluesy ballads with track three, Lies and Tenderness.

Shane Pacey -Guitar, Vocals
Les Karski -Guitar, Vocals
Alan Britton -Bass, Vocals
Ace Follington -Drums

1. Booze Blues (3:54)
2. You’re A Mystery (3:14)
3. Lies And Tenderness (3:40)
4. Path Is Clear (3:44)
5. Old Grey Mare, Killing Floor Medley (3:57)
6. Bad Weather Blues (6:15)
7. You Get That (4:28)
8. Calling Card (3:29)
9. Let Me Rubber Glove You (3:39)
10. The Pain (2:21)
11. Problem (3:36)
12. All I Want Is Everything (3:26)
13. Brushed (3:06)



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Bondi Cigars – 12 Lies (2003)

febrero 29, 2008 at 6:55 pm (Bondi Cigars)

Y este es un aporte de David. Gracias David

“The Bondi Cigars are Shane Pacey (vocals and guitar), Alan Britton (bass and vocals), Eben Hale (guitar and vocals) and Andrew Vainauskas (drums). Performing a gorgeous amalgam of R&B and roots music, they’ve amassed a faithful following through relentless touring and a commitment to quality performance. They deftly blend the classic sounds of blues, soul, funk and R&B with a new millennium relevance. ‘12 Lies’ is their 7th album and follows the classic double live album ‘Down In The Valley’ – nominated for ARIA Best Blues and Roots album 2002.”

1. Tell Me What I Need To Know
2. Some Other Man
3. Raging Thirst
4. Everybody Do The Second Line
5. I’ve Been Trying
6. I Wont Lay Down With The Devil
7. The Edge Of The Dirty River
8. Talkin Tombstone
9. You Soon Will Be
10. She Shakes Me To The Bone
11. More Light Than I Can Stand
12. Junkie For The Past



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