enero 8, 2009 at 11:20 pm (Sandra Mihanovic)

Y éstos son aportes de Gelo, un nuevo amigo del blog. Gracias

In this collection I included songs from other musicals:

A VOS, CIUDAD (To You, My City) is a song from one of Pepe Cibrian’s first musicals called “Aqui No Podemos Hacerlo” (“We Can’t Do it Here”). It was a pun on the fact that it is difficult to put on stage a play freely during a coup d’etat regime and also that it is hard to make love anywhere we want. It talked about a director (Cibrian) who wanted to stage a musical and found it impossible because everyone said No.

POR QUÉ? (Why?) is a beautiful song from another Cibrian musical. This time “Caligula”. This is obviously about the Roman emperor. In the song the emperor ponders about impossible things, like procreating without a woman or deciding the sex of the baby. This is a climatic song because the emperor will be killed after that. Sandra liked the song so much that decided to sing it herself although it was meant to be sung by a man.

SOLA EN MI (Lonely Inside) is the third song from Pepe Cibrian. The musical was “George Sand”, the life of the famous poetess who had a male name. She wanders who she can tell I love you becausein her life she’s only known pity and compassion but never been loved. Thus she feels really lonely
TODO SIN VOS (Everything Without You) This is a very tender song from a musical on the life of the Catholic Saint Francis Azzizi called “EL LOCO DE ASIS” (“The Madman from Azzizi”). In the play the saint talks to God and tell him that everything is hard if he doesn’t have God on his side. Sandra’s version is so beautiful and meaningful that it was used in the first mainstream gay movie in Argentina, back in the 80’s, called “OTRA HISTORIA DE AMOR” (“Another Love Story”)



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