Dr. JOHN AND THE LOWER 911 – City That Care Forgot

agosto 8, 2008 at 3:52 am (320 Kbp/s, Blues, Dr.John)

Dr. JOHN AND THE LOWER 911 – City That Care Forgot

Genere. Rock/Electric Blues/New Orleans Blues/New Orleans R&B

320 Kbp/s

01.- Keep On Goin’

02.- Time For A Change (featuring Eric Clapton)

03.- Promises, Promises (featuring Willie Nelson)

04.- You Might Be Surprised

05.- Dream Warrior

06.- Black Gold

07.- We Gettin’ There (featuring Terence Blanchard)

08.- Stripped Away (featuring Eric Clapton)

09.- Say Whut?

10.- My People Need A Second Line
(featuring James “12” Andrews & Troy “Tombone Shorty” Andrews)

11.- Land Grab (feat. Terence Blanchard)

12.- City That Care Forgot (featuring Eric Clapton and Ani DiFranco)

13.- Save Our Wetlands (featuring Terrance Simien)

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