Kathy Troccoli – Images (1986)

enero 22, 2008 at 12:11 am (Kathy Troccoli)

Y este es otro aporte de nuestro incansable amigo David. Gracias David!

“Like most ’80s pop, Images is full of electric guitars that want to be
keyboards, and keyboards that want to be electric guitars. Back in 1986,
the best of these arrangements seemed evocative of the big emotional
breakthroughs and wastelands Troccoli sings about. Now they mostly just
seem evocative of 1986. by Darryl Cater “

1. Ready and Willing
2. Talk it Out
3. Dream On
4. Don’t Wanna See You Down
5. Chance of a Lifetime
6. Love Stays
7. No Time for Love
8. If Only
9. Gotta Keep Dancin’


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