Demi Evans – Why Do You Run

agosto 10, 2008 at 4:01 pm (Demi Evans)

Y este aporte es de David. Thanks David

” Demi Evans is an American vocalist and lyricist from Texas, who is heavily
marketed in Western Europe and especially France as a famous blues singer
(she’s not a blues singer at all), although she is relatively unknown in
the US. Demi Evans was brought up in Texas in an atmosphere of gospel and
love of the blues. Demi draws inspiration from the poetic and humanist
example of the great Nina Simone, whose work she so admires. She sings soul
and folk-pop, while here and there adding a pinch of country music. In
concert, she has bewitched audiences with her total on-stage mastery.”

01. Why Do You Run
02. Passing Judgment
03. Picking Beans
04. Be Good to Me as I Am to You
05. Hard Spot
06. Thinking About the Past
07. Words for a Hum
08. Platinum Age
09. All This Flowers
10. Trying to Live Life Without You
11. Heart in My Hands
12. Backwards to Forwards
13. They Won’t Go When I Go



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