JOHN BONGIOVI- The Power Station Years 1980-1983

octubre 5, 2008 at 8:52 pm (JOHN BONGIOVI)

Of our friend DAVID. Thanks

— Guess who? Yup, now known as Jon Bon Jovi. This was very 80’s
pop/rock, and ‘totally’ enjoyable (hey… had to try for an 80’s feeling

JOHN BONGIOVI- The Power Station Years 1980-1983

01.- Who Said It Would Last Forever

02.- Open Your Heart

03.- Stringin’ A Line

04.- Don’t Leave Me Tonight

05.- More Than We Bargained For

06.- For You

07.- Hollywood Dreams

08.- All Talk, No Action

09.- Don’t Keep Me Wondering

10.- Head Over Heels

11.- No One Does It Like You

12.- What You Want

13.- Don’t You Believe Him

14.- Talkin’ In Your Sleep


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