Ebony Alleyne – Never Look Back (2007)

abril 20, 2008 at 5:51 pm (Ebony Alleyne)

Este es un aporte de nuestro amigo David.

A very good ‘old school’ sounding album, with touches of disco, 70’s soul, and even some style nods to 60’s Burt Bacharch and Hal David. Her slightly covered tone and a vocal timbre that’s occasionally reminscent of Julia Fordham combine to make a winning combination. Not all tracks work, but the ones that do are in the majority, and well worth the price of this disc. Wonderfully refreshing when most new releases sound like cookie cutter attempts at pseudo urban. Plus, it’s excellent to hear an artist who actually sings true and complete phrases again. Here’s hoping there’s a bright future for Ebony Alleyne. ~David Bruce

1. You Caught Me off Guard
2. Second Look
3. Walk Away and Never Look Back
4. My Man
5. Know Your Way
6. Hello Stranger
7. Looking Over My Shoulder
8. No More Time
9. Every Lonely Street
10. In Love with a Stranger
11. Merry-Go-Round
12. All for Nothing
13. Love Is Not a Game
14. Tell Me the Secret



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