Itzhak Perlman & John Williams – Cinema Serenade 2: The Golden Age

diciembre 18, 2008 at 12:30 pm (Itzhak Perlman, John Williams)

Otro aporte de Nikita. Gracias

1. Theme from Laura (1944) (Instrumental)

2. Theme from Now, Voyager (1942) (Instrumental)

3. Smile from Modern Times (1936) (Instrumental)

4. Love Theme from Lost Weekend (1945) (Instrumental)

5. St. Patrick’s Day from The Quiet Man (1952) (Traditional)

6. Marian & Robin Love Theme from The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) (Instrumental)

7. As Time Goes By from Casablanca (1942) (Instrumental)

8. Touch her Soft Lips and Part from Henry V (1944) (Instrumental)

9. Stella by Starlight from The Uninvited (1944) (Instrumental)

10. Theme from My Foolish Heart (1949) (Instrumental)

11. Tara’s Theme from Gone with the Wind (1939) (Instrumental)

12. Cathy’s Theme from Wuthering Heights (1939) (Instrumental)

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Itzhak Perlman & John Williams – Cinema Serenade

diciembre 18, 2008 at 12:21 pm (Itzhak Perlman, John Williams)

Y este es otro aporte de nuestro amigo Nikita. Gracias

01. Main Title from “The Color Purple”
02. Tango (Por Una Cabeza) [Scent of a Woman]
03. Papa, Can You Hear Me? [From Yentl]
04. Theme from Il Postino
05. Theme from the Age of Innocence
06. Theme from Far and Away
07. I Will Wait for You [From the Umbrellas of Cherbourg]
08. Theme from Four Horsemen of the Apolcalypse
09. Theme from Sabrina
10. I Had a Farm in Africa (Main Title from Out of Africa)
11. Manha de Carnaval (Morning of the Carnival) [From Black Orpheus]
12. Theme from Schindler’s List
13. Love Theme from “Cinema Paradiso”

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Contrasena: nikitoz555

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