THE BOBBYTEENS – Fast Livin’ & Rock n’ Roll

septiembre 27, 2008 at 11:24 pm (THE BOBBYTEENS)

From DAVID To. Thanks DAVID

THE BOBBYTEENS – Fast Livin’ & Rock n’ Roll

release of THE BOBBYTEENS self-issued vinyl only slab, the “Fast Livin’
and Rock n’ Roll” CD. 15 tracks of gum smackin’, axe bashin’, glitter/glam
ram a lama lam from San Francisco’s Rock N’ Roller Derby Queens (and
King…) THE BOBBYTEENS! Two parts ex- Trashwomen, One part ex-Mummie and
one part Guitarslingin’ wundergal THE BOBBYTEENS are one hot attraction
that’s always ready for action…Think Nikki and The Corvettes, The
Runaways and Suzi Quatro inna ’70 Hemi Cuda with the top down low and the
stereo all go! And just to slop a little extra grease on the wheels we’ve
added both trax from THE BOBBYTEENS way outta print Estrus Crust Club 7″,
“Rock n’ Roll Show” and “Backseat Lover”, onto the disc as bonus cuts! So
climb on into the backseat and get ready for some trashy r’n’r
satisfaction with THE BOBBYTEENS and their foxy “Fast Livin’ & Rock n’
Roll” CD! >>


LISA SCHENBERG: guitar, backup vocals
DANNIELLE PIMM: bass, backup vocals
RUSSELL QUAN: drums, backup vocals


01 – Gonna Get Down
02 – No Good
03 – I Wanna Go Round
04 – Highway Of Love
05 – Gonna Have Fun
06 – Hot City Boy
07 – Rock It
08 – Young & Crazy
09 – Fast Livin
10 – Almost 17
11 – Babydoll
12 – Why Do I Hang Around With You
13 – Downtown
14 – Rock N’ Roll Show
15 – Backseat Lover


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