HaBanot Nechama – HaBanot Nechama

abril 26, 2008 at 3:26 pm (HaBanot Nechama)

Y este aporte es de David. Thanks a lot!

HaBanot Nehama are a live band in the deepest sense. They built themselves
a huge and very dedicated following before releasing even one single.
HaBanot Nehama are three experienced singers, maintaining separate musical
careers in addition to the group: Karolina, Dana Adini and Yael Deckelbaum.

The three first performed together at an women singer-writers acoustic
night at the famous Jah-Pan club in Tel-Aviv.
The name came from the soothing and comforting element of the group’s sound
(Nehama in Hebrew means consolation). At first, each singer sang her own
compositions, but later they all started composing and writing all the
songs for the show together.

Their act performed many times in Israel and even abroad, and was named act
of the year in “DJ Ha’ir” magazine.

The girls released the 1st single “So Far” in July 2007 and the debut album
released in August 2007.

01 – Lovers
02 – Boi (Come)
03 – So Far Lihiot (To Be)
04 – Ever
05 – Ya
06 – Flowers
07 – Ze Ma SheYesh (That’s All There Is)
08 – No War
09 – Mea Achuz Or (100% Light)
10 – Lies
11 – Hakol Kashura (Everything’s Alright)
12 – I Love You
13 – En Ze Meshane (It Doesn’t Matter)



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