Lillian Leach & The Mellows – Lillian Leach & The Mellows 1955-57

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Biography by Eugene Chadbourne

” Lillian Leach sounds like the name of a fictitious character, maybe a femme
fatale from a comic book or a relative of the Munsters. She is a real
person, however, the lead singer of a vocal group that scored several hits
despite only being active “for a minute” — in the parlance of the beatniks
whose mellow scene included digging the Mellows. While nobody seems to have
thought of using “Smoke from Your Cigarette” as a theme for passive smoke
bans in nightclubs, the loyal doo wop audience remains fond of the combo
and its lead singer. The Mellows are yet another in an influx of similarly
motivated harmonizers hailing from Morrisania, which sounds like a South
Pacific island but is really a neighborhood in the Bronx, the same one from
which originated the Chords, the Crickets, the Wrens, the Limelighters, and
the Five Chimes. In an environment such as that, it is no surprise that
Leach recalled feeling like she was being pushed into a singing career by
both her mother and grandmother, in contrast to the normal state of affairs
concerning children with aspirations to entertain. She sang in church and
at talent shows, and in 1954 met three guys at a party with whom she wound
up forming a group. Harold Johnson was the one with the most to offer. A
singer and guitarist, he was not only one of the original members of the
Crickets but had written many of the songs the group chirped. “

01 How Sentimental Can I Be
02 Nothin’ To Do
03 Smoke From Your Cigarette
04 Pretty Baby, What’s Your Name
05 Yesterday’s Memories
06 Lovable Lily
07 I Was A Fool To Let You Go
08 I Still Care
09 Sweet Lorraine
10 My Darling
11 Lucky Guy
12 I’m Yours
13 Moon Of Silver
14 No More Loneliness
15 You’ve Gone
16 Farewell, Farewell


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