Govi – Andalusian Nights (1999)

diciembre 13, 2007 at 8:44 pm (Govi)

Govi (acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, percussion); Don Lax (violin).

Recorded at The Source Studios, Kula, Hawaii.

Convincing proof that success follows its own path, Govi’s life is one of many twists. He is a German-born musician who traveled to India before settling down in California and becoming a leading proponent of the nouveau flamenco genre anchored by Ottmar Liebert, Johannes Linstead, and others. On ANDALUSIAN NIGHTS, Govi collaborates with two other German New Age stalwarts, Anugama and Karunesh, to come up with the arrangements.

ANDALUSIAN NIGHTS opens with the warm atmospheres of “Persuasion,” the low bass murmurs and hand drums offset by Govi’s delicate finger picking. “Rumba Tumba” and the brisk title track build in intensity, adopting the rapid, flamenco-style clapping strongly associated with the Gipsy Kings’ most danceable tunes.


01. Persuasion
02. Andalusian Nights
03. Gypsy Magic
04. Serenade D’amor
05. High Spirits
06. Rumba Tumba
07. Carry Me Away
08. Glimpse Of Spain
09. Simplicity Of The Heart


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noviembre 19, 2007 at 5:54 pm (Govi)

Otro aporte de Chelas. Gracias Chelas por este otro guitarrista.


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