Fisher – One (1999)

mayo 26, 2008 at 1:47 pm (Fisher)

Y un aporte de nuestro amigo David. Thanks a lot!!

About the Artist

” Start with that voice – a voice that someone described as “a hot rock
wrapped in velvet.” Now, place that voice in a strikingly beautiful young
woman. Sprinkle in breathtaking live shows, and what do you have? An act
that is both talented and seasoned. And most importantly, an act that moves
people with passionate, thoughtful music.

When Fisher’s ballad “I Will Love You” first hit the airwaves on Star 100.7
in San Diego, disk jockeys Jagger and Kristi reported drivers pulling off
to the side of the road in tears to call the station on their cell phones
and find out, “Who sings that song?” Star’s Program Director Tracy Johnson
said of the audience reaction, “I’ve never seen anything like this.” Three
thousand miles away, the Boston Globe reported, “The radio term is
‘reactive,’ meaning that listeners love a song and make their feelings
known. Such is the case with Fisher’s touching ballad, ‘I Will Love You,'”



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