Lene Lovich – Shadows and Dust (2005)

enero 26, 2008 at 2:22 pm (Lene Lovich)

Y este aporte es de nuestro amigo David. Gracias una vez màs David

” Lene’s ‘Shadows And Dust’ CD was released September 12 2005, celebrated by
her classic return (after many years) performance at Joe’s Pub, New York
City, the day before. As with her earlier efforts in the early eighties
which were launched into near-earth orbit by her impact through Stiff
Records, the mainstream media hasn’t really noticed yet. While we hold our
breath waiting for Rupert Murdoch’s personal approval, we appreciate these
reviews from the progressive set, on- and off-line. Lene is such a special
character and artist that her essence can’t be captured in short sound
bites. Let others tell the story:

Time Out New York

The oddest inhabitant of the Stiff Records stable circa 1978, Detroit-born
chanteuse Lene Lovich caused a stir with the theatrical pop she crafted
with partner Les Chappell, but quickly faded from view. ‘Shadows And Dust’,
a new release on veteran producer Mike Thorne’s Stereo Society label,
reveals Lovich to be as gleefully off-kilter as ever. The album is a
brilliantly giddy crush of goofy Goth and rubbery funk; Chappell and Thorne
also make it a sonic spectacular.

Harp Magazine (Richard Riegel)

The easy ethnic take on Lene Lovich during the heady days of New Wave was
that she was part-Serbian, leading to aged Boris & Natasha routines in
media organs like me own ‘Creem’. Not that Lovich couldn’t be a Slav to
fashion, as her still-smashing 1979 debut, ‘Stateless’, predicted the
better aspects of the coming decade in its darkly Danubian dance tracks.

1 Craze
2 Shape Shifter
3 Sanctuary
4 Remember
5 Gothica
6 Ghost Story
7 The Insect Eater
8 Little Rivers
9 The Wicked Witch
10 Light


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