CLARK DATCHLER – Fishing For Souls

julio 27, 2008 at 1:42 am (CLARK DATCHLER)

También es de DAVID. GRACIAS

CLARK DATCHLER – Fishing For Souls (1992)

01.- State Of Play (Remix)
02.- Broken Spirit
03.- Child To Be
04.- Crown Of Thorns (Remix)
05.- The Last Emotion (Remix)
06.- Fishing For Souls
07.- Widow
08.- Raindance (Remix)
09.- It’s Better This Way (Remix)

Clark Datchler left Johnny Hates Jazz in 1988 at the height of his fame.
After internal differences within the band had led to a painful separation,
he sought to rediscover a deeper sense of purpose in his music. He moved to
Amsterdam and began work on a solo album called Raindance. The album
featured some renowned LA musicians, including bass player Nathan East,
drummer JR Robinson and percussionist Paulinho Da Costa. Also featured was
guitarist Dave Gregory of XTC. The album also saw Clark’s first
environmental song, “Raindance” – one of many to follow. The Raindance
album was released in 1990 on Virgin Records, with an epic track called
“Crown Of Thorns” being the first single. However the song, which suggested
that Jesus was a courageous mortal man and not the son of God, and which
criticized organized religions in the process, was shunned by radio and
failed to chart. Consequently, the album was only released in Japan, where
it did achieve commercial success. In 1991, Datchler went back into the
studio to re-record and re-mix some tracks from Raindance with Rupert Hine,
producer of Tina Turner, The Fixx and Howard Jones. Four new songs were
added to the line-up, and the new album was titled Fishing For Souls. The
first single, “The Last Emotion”, received little attention, and as the
relationship between Virgin Records and Datchler deteriorated further, he
left the record label. Shortly after, Virgin Records became part of EMI,
and the consolidation of the world’s media began. Fishing For Souls was
eventually made available as a bootleg, and is so sought after now that it
occasionally appears on E-Bay for a sale price of between $500 and $1000
(from Wikipedia).


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