Nanci Griffith – Ruby’s Torch

diciembre 8, 2008 at 12:02 am (Nanci Griffith)

Thanks David USA.

Ruby’s Torch is a collection of intimate torch songs, some penned by Griffith, others by some of her musical heroes. “Recording an entire record of torch songs has been a dream come true for me,” says Griffith, “and something my listeners have been asking me to do for many years.”

Rather than relying on tried-and-true torch standards, she pays homage to an eclectic array of influences. “When I Dream” has been performed by Crystal Gayle and Willie Nelson, and represents country balladry at its most powerful. Griffith also tips her hat to Jimmy Webb, whose masterful songwriting is at its peak in the touching “If These Walls Could Speak.” Griffith offers lush interpretations of three Tom Waits numbers: “Grapefruit Moon,” “Ruby’s Arms,” and “Please Call Me, Baby.”

1. When I Dream
2. If These Walls Could Speak
3. Ruby’s Arms
4. Never Be The Sun
5. Bluer Than Blue
6. Brave Companion Of The Road
7. Grapefruit Moon
8. Please Call Me, Baby
9. Late Night Grande Hotel
10. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
11. Drops From The Faucet


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