Grey – Star feat. Ruby Starr – Telephone Sex (1983)

febrero 9, 2008 at 11:59 pm (Grey)

No sè porquè me acordè de Carles con este disco ..JE. Este es un aporte de nuestro amigo David. Gracias David.

” Imagine if Tracy Nelson (or any other great blues belter) had made a new
wave-ish album in the 80’s — that’s what 1983’s Telephone Sex sounds like.
Ruby Starr had a unique voice, and could blues belt with the best of them.
She never attained the acclaim that she deserved after her association with
Black Oak Arkansas, but as a niche artist, she had (and has) a loyal
following — even over ten years after her untimely demise.”

01 – Meet Me at the Same Time
02 – Baby It’s You
03 – Telephone Sex
04 – In Crowd
05 – All Over Now
06 – Killing Time
07 – Hurting You
08 – Downtown
09 – You Don’t Even Know
10 – Magic


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