Bondi Cigars – Bad Weather Blues (1992)

marzo 2, 2008 at 4:21 pm (Bondi Cigars)

Y un aporte de David. Gracias David

Formed in 1989 the band has well and truly played itself into Australia’s musical heart. After nearly a dozen years, a half a dozen albums and exhaustive touring schedules the band continues to attract new audiences for their music.

Most of the album tracks are Pacey/Karski compositions, rather than tired old covers that most blues acts seem to rely on. Les Karski’s guitar work confirms his status as one of this country’s very best – smoky on the slow numbers and full of fire on the rockers. The opening track Booze Blues, a driving rocker, sets the tone for the album; but the Cigars also show they’re adept at bluesy ballads with track three, Lies and Tenderness.

Shane Pacey -Guitar, Vocals
Les Karski -Guitar, Vocals
Alan Britton -Bass, Vocals
Ace Follington -Drums

1. Booze Blues (3:54)
2. You’re A Mystery (3:14)
3. Lies And Tenderness (3:40)
4. Path Is Clear (3:44)
5. Old Grey Mare, Killing Floor Medley (3:57)
6. Bad Weather Blues (6:15)
7. You Get That (4:28)
8. Calling Card (3:29)
9. Let Me Rubber Glove You (3:39)
10. The Pain (2:21)
11. Problem (3:36)
12. All I Want Is Everything (3:26)
13. Brushed (3:06)



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  1. ROBSTAR said,

    Puedes ponerlo en otro lugar? Yo pongo el primero album aqui ( donde puedes dejar comentarios y buscar la musica)y escucha algo aqui


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