Lim Hyung Joo – Misty Moon

enero 12, 2009 at 12:41 pm (Lim Hyung Joo)

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“Widely acclaimed as a singer of “popera” (mixing “pop” and “opera”), Lim Hyung Joo, with his mellifluous and “heavenly” voice, went on to stardom when he became the youngest musician to sing the Korean national anthem at the inaugural ceremony of President Roh Moo-hyun in 2004. The 19-year-old musician has recently released his third album containing a total of 16 songs in a two-set CD. Lim rewrote he lyric of the title song “Mysty Moon,” deeply inspired after seeing the Korean blockbuster movie “Taegukgi” (2004) by Gang Jegyu. Toshiaki Matsumoto, who also wrote the English-language lyric for Lim, composes the music. In a rare case for a classical musician, Lim filmed the music video for the album on location on the set of the movie “Taegukgi.” Lim’s debut album “Salley Garden” and second “Silver Rain” (both produced in 2003) have sold more than 400,000 copies, creating a boom in popera. The Japanese media have touted Lim as Asia¡¯s one and only popera singer. The third album comes closer to the public by introducing well-known popular songs. Familiar pop numbers introduced here include: “A Time for Us” from the movie “Romeo and Juliet,” B. Howard’s “Fly to the Moon,” “Lovers’ Concerto” (theme song for “The Contact” (1997), “The Rose” from the movie “The Rose,” and Madonna’s hit song “You’ll See.” Other songs are just overflowing with Korean emotion. “

01 – Nella Fantasia
02 – Misty Moon (Korean Version)
03 – A Time For Us
04 – Fly Me To The Moon
05 – You’ll See
06 – The Rose
07 – Una Furtiva Lagrima
08 – Lover’s Concerto (theme song for “The Contact”)
09 – Intorno All’idol Mio
10 – Misty Moon (English Version)
11 – Sad Destiny
12 – Walking In The Air
13 – Moon River
14 – O Holy Night
15 – Amazing Grace
16 – The Moon Represents My Heart




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