FRIDA – Djupa Andetag

septiembre 30, 2008 at 1:46 am (Abba, FRIDA)

Gracias CESAR

FRIDA – Djupa Andetag

01.- Älska mig alltid”

02.- “Ögonen”

03.- “Även en blomma”

04.- “Sovrum”

05.- “Hon fick som hon ville”

06.- “Alla mina bästa år” (Dueto con Marie Fredriksson)

07.- “Lugna vatten”

08.- “Ven kommer såra vem ikväll?”

09.- “Sista valsen med dig”

10.- “Kvinnor som springer”


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  1. Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said,

    In my opinion THIS is Frida’s best album! Really! I have all her albums, so I should know.

    I remember when this was released in 1996, I hurried to buy it. Imgaine, it is sung in swedish language, and I am west german living in West Germany. But it was imported and available in a record store in the next bigger city.

    Frida was 50 when she recorded it, and you can tell, this is the album of a matured woman who knows about life. Well, understanding swedish does help, haha… (I learned it as foreign language in the 90s).

    Actually, let me share a detail I happen to know: ABBA manager Stig Anderson had begged her for years and years to record another album in swedish. After ABBA she had recorded 2 english language albums, but after 1984 nothing happened anymore. (She had met her last husband in Dec.1984 and was no longer interested in a singing carreer that much.)

    Stikkan begged for many years, and when she turned 50, she was ready, and she did it. She made THIS album. It was produced during the year of 1996 and released in September of that year. He died exactly one year later. So his last big wish had been fulfilled, and it was this album.

    It was extremely successful in all Skandinavia and Finland, and the fact that it could be bought in german stores is a sign also.

    If you like ABBA, if you speak swedish, you need to listen to this album. But then, ABBA-fans and swedish-speaking people (like myself) did buy that album back in the day.

    Thanks to the uploader to introduce this great album to another (new?) audience here!!!


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